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Holdfast RecommendationHoldfast Recommendation

Holdfast Recommendation

Letter of recommendation from Brett Henderson of Holdfast NZ Limited (formerly Holdfast Industries Limited).
Kiistone RecommendationKiistone Recommendation

Kiistone Recommendation

Recommendation provided by Mandy Wittmann, Managing Director, Kiistone Business Infrastructure Limited.
Levco RecommendationLevco Recommendation

Levco Recommendation

Recommendation provided by Bryn Evans, Finance Manager, Levco Agencies Limited.

Alan Miles provided us with objective and reasoned consulting advice when in 2008 we prepared and issued our Invitation to Tender for hardware and applications software systems.

His detailed analysis and recommendation of the winning tender (or, more accurately, a creative hybrid of the 2 best tenders) has clearly proved in retrospect to be the right choice for our company.

Since then, Alan has guided us through a wide range of tasks to achieve the implementation of our systems and hardware network.

These include the creation of a branch network, detailed work on one of our websites, and the mapping of operational procedures for a critical element of our assembly business as a necessary element towards our goal of achieving ISO 9000 quality certification.

The writer would be pleased to assist with a telephone reference for Alan, should prospective clients or employers be interested in calling me for that purpose.

Bryn Evans
Finance Manager
Levco Agencies Ltd
Mobile +64 27 248 4592

June 7, 2011

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