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EDI Server

This server product provides B2B electronic document exchange including e-mailed purchase orders, invoices and statements, and various graphically printed documents.  This product includes some workflow logic similar to Microsoft BizTalk Server.  Although since re-written by Peter Kenyon, I wrote the original B2B EDI code that this .Net product was built on.

EDI Server monitors a nominated folder that an application places XML documents in for processing.  When processing a document, a transformation is applied to it to convert it into an appropriate format, then delivers it to a subsystem which will transfer it to its destination (generally a customer’s EDI system).

These actions are controlled by fields within the XML file.  A field named ACTION specifies the delivery system to be used, and another named TRANSFORM specifies the transformation.  Other fields represent parameters for use by the delivery system and / or transformation.

Currently 5 delivery systems exist:

  • SMTP - The SMTP delivery system delivers documents via SMTP email.
  • HTTP - The HTTP delivery system delivers documents by HTTP post.
  • FTP - The FTP delivery system delivers to an FTP drop directory.
  • FileSys - The FileSys deliver system saves the document to a local directory.
  • Print - The Print delivery system prints the document to a Windows printer.

Transformations available include PDF and EDIFACT.

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