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Holdfast RecommendationHoldfast Recommendation

Holdfast Recommendation

Letter of recommendation from Brett Henderson of Holdfast NZ Limited (formerly Holdfast Industries Limited).
Kiistone RecommendationKiistone Recommendation

Kiistone Recommendation

Recommendation provided by Mandy Wittmann, Managing Director, Kiistone Business Infrastructure Limited.
Levco RecommendationLevco Recommendation

Levco Recommendation

Recommendation provided by Bryn Evans, Finance Manager, Levco Agencies Limited.

You may want to check me out.  Please feel free to start by contacting the following;


Reference Contact Relationship

Kiistone Business Infrastructure Ltd

PO Box 1126

Palmerston North 4440

Mandy WittMann

Phone (027) 241 3030

Read Mandy's recommendation

IT Manager 2015 - 2018

Levco Agencies Ltd

PO Box 1219


Bryn Evans

Phone (027) 248 4592

Read Bryn's recommendation

IT Manager 2008 - 2011

Holdfast NZ Ltd

PO Box 4206


Jenny Henderson

Phone (07) 847 5540

Read Brett Henderson's recommendation

Client from 1986 to 2008

Online Distribution Ltd

PO Box 29-177

Greenwoods Corner


Phil Huddleston

Phone (09) 580 0007

Client since 1992

Roofing Accessories Ltd

PO Box 302-096

North Harbour Mail Centre


Sharon Gellatly

Phone (09) 415 7797

Client since 1988

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