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Holdfast RecommendationHoldfast Recommendation

Holdfast Recommendation

Letter of recommendation from Brett Henderson of Holdfast NZ Limited (formerly Holdfast Industries Limited).
Kiistone RecommendationKiistone Recommendation

Kiistone Recommendation

Recommendation provided by Mandy Wittmann, Managing Director, Kiistone Business Infrastructure Limited.
Levco RecommendationLevco Recommendation

Levco Recommendation

Recommendation provided by Bryn Evans, Finance Manager, Levco Agencies Limited.

Holdfast (recently bought by Soudal) was the first customer to implement Crusader.  As this letter shows, by 1991 it was meeting Holdfast's basic requirements quite well.  Over the subsequent 27 years, Crusader continued to grow and adapt to meet more and more complex requirements as Holdfast also grew and expanded.

Letter from Holdfast NZ

Crusader became the core system used by Holdfast to operate their business.  As I understood the detail of their business, I was able to define and create a unique set of systems that met their needs exactly.  These systems included business intelligence / data warehousing, electronic data interchange, and non-standard features to support Holdfast’s business processes.  For the 27 years that I worked with the owners (Brett and Jenny Henderson), I functioned as Holdfast’s IT Manager and Senior Developer, directing a loosely associated team of other contractors to meet Holdfast’s needs.

My association with Holdfast only ended as their requirements had developed beyond what I could meet with Crusader.  I recommended and facilitated their migration to Microsoft Dynamics NAV, supplied by Theta Systems Limited, as it was the closest match to the functionality they had with Crusader.

In 2011 Theta Systems received an award from Microsoft for “Dynamic ERP Solution of the Year” at Holdfast, at least in part because of the methods I had developed for Holdfast before handing over to Theta.  This was acknowledged to me personally by Joerg Rau, Theta’s Microsoft Dynamics NAV Practice Manager.

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