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Environmental Monitor

The controlled environment monitoring system was designed to continuously monitor and optionally control the temperature and humidity in controlled environments such as cool-rooms, freezers and hot houses.  It was also used for the forced air drying of timber.

In this application, the real time temperature, humidity, air speed, outside environment temperature and humidity and timber conductivity were all measured to correctly deduce the optimum conditions for drying timbers without causing warping, cracking or other damage.  In order to successfully achieve this level of control, I was trained in the theoretical and practical requirements of the optimised kiln drying of various species of timber.

It allowed for the remote or centralised monitoring and control of up to 100 remote outstations, each having the capacity to monitor the temperature of up to 15 separate cool-store or freezer chambers.  Although it used one of my operating systems, this was not totally my design, but I employed and led the team that designed and built this system.  Much of the programming was mine.

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