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My Views

I share some ideas here that I hope will be helpful, or will at least be interesting.
What Is Cloud?What Is Cloud?

What Is Cloud?

I have some serious reservations about the indiscriminate implementation of “cloud computing” solutions. There are certainly some situations where I would recommend it, but in this article I want to signal a clear need for caution.
What Is Value?What Is Value?

What Is Value?

How can we conduct our lives effectively and with integrity, especially in business,unless we understand “Value”. It is only when we know we are producing something of value that we get a sense of purpose, satisfaction and fulfilment. So what is “Value”?
Working Working

Working "Agile"

Too many high profile projects around the world have failed. The "Agile" framework for software development provides a way to avoid such failures. This is my personal story around "Agile".

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